Vincent J. Kohen Scholarhship

Vincent J. Kohen 2020 Scholarship Application
Vince Kohen had a tremendous impact on youth soccer in the Dayton area for over 30 years. He promoted and developed club soccer in its infancy as a way to help young soccer players advance their skills. His progressive vision continues to impact players in subsequent generations. His legacy will continue to influence youth players and young adult coaches who foster his philosophy of hard work and determination to bring out the best in youth soccer players in the area. Beginning with the graduation class of 2011, the Ohio Galaxies FC organization recognizing two graduating OGFC seniors with the Vincent J. Kohen Memorial Scholarship. Recipients of the annual scholarship demonstrate qualities of leadership, hard work and determination to achieve their best both on and off the field. A list of the recipients of the VJK Memorial Scholarship are listed below.

Name                                   Class                         School
Kaitlyn Striker                  2019                   Springboro  
Ryan Wightman             2019                   Beavercreek  
Josie Krupp      2018                   Springfield Catholic  
Fisher Lewis               2018                   Yellow Springs 
Bailey Fenwick-Miller    2017                   St. Mary's 
Blake Pittser                  2017                   Miami Trace  
Hannah Ritter                   2016                   Carroll
Colton Smith                      2016                   Greenon 
Monica Hennen                 2015                   Bellbrook 
Tristan Lyle                    2015                   Beavercreek  
Haley Steinbaugh            2014                   Springboro  
Justin Niswonger              2014                   Centerville 
Sarah Jansing                    2013                   Alter
Jacob Denlinger           2013                   Miaimisburg  
Tonya Hennen                    2012                   Bellbrook 
Josh Kellner                     2012                   Springboro  
Lauren Mershad                2011                    Alter
Mack Crawford                 2011                    Centerville